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Commercial Pilots



We have always been exposed to cosmic-radiation in flight. The levels of exposure depend on altitude, your flight path, and the duration of your flight. Recent changes in flight patterns have increased the potential for higher levels of exposure.

*Exposure is considerably higher over the Earth’s poles, where the planet’s magnetic field no longer provides any shielding. And with a thousand-fold rise in commercial airline flights over the North Pole in the last 10 years, exposure to radiation has become a serious concern.

*According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Regardless of whether you are flying over the poles or not tracking your radiation exposure just makes good sense


Polismart Personal Radiation Detector for the iPhone & iPad

A must-have add-on to iPhone/iPad for everyone concerned about radiation safety.

Up-to-the-date networked gamma detectors continuously monitor environmental background radiation and individual radiation exposure. Detect and localize contaminated objects and areas.


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